Definitive Rugby and Dartfish teamed up to assist coaches, teams, players and agents with rugby analysis and feedback on two levels.

Level 1

Coding and notational (statistical) feedback alongside video footage.

Upload and share team and player footage on the Dartfish tv platform.

Set your own personalised “Player Locker” and access your feedback and video clips online.

Next Generation is the leading scouting platform in SA. Players, coaches and agents can access info and footage from the major school rugby events and festivals through highlights, schools, festivals, players, positions and competition portals.


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Level 2

Tap into Braam's and Nico’s years of playing, analysis and game planning experience for the most effective feedback and improvement of performance.



Detailed Player Analysis - on every player in squad (22-30 players)

Comprehensive feedback and suggestions are provided on each player’s performance, strengths, weaknesses and positional play.


Season Analysis – on team performance

This is an in-depth tactical exercise. It is a season review, feedback and forward planning process focusing on the tactical, game-planning and unit execution aspects of the game.

Feedback includes tactical explanations and training suggestions – beneficial for teams considering developing or perfecting their playing style.


Per-Game Analysis – team performance

A once-off analysis of a team’s performance, or if required, over a specific period:

Price structures based on number of teams as well as number of games.



In-Depth Analysis and Feedback

A complete player report incorporating all aspect of your game. Stats, video clips and a written report and real-life or online feedback session.