Coaching Courses

SHORT COURSES (minimum 10 coaches)

EXTENDED COURSES (minimum 10 coaches)

COURSES ON ANALYSIS SKILLS (minimum 10 coaches)

(Player/Team/Match/Opposition or combination)


Whether you want to approach it as a “coaching course incorporating analysis skills” or an “analysis course leading into practical coaching”.

We can incorporate Dartfish software and our Special Player and Player Locker concepts in this comprehensive course if needed.


Practical Coaching

Practical coaching sessions and/or for any “hands on” and on-field consultation or assistance.


1 Day Seminars

Classroom lessons are augmented with practical demonstrations on the field.

Can be directed at specific areas of the game, subject to prior request, and can cover aspects such as:

     - Phase Play Coordination

     - Running Lines

     - Attack Planning

     - Back Line Play – the New Zealand way

     - Counter Attack Strategies


Analysis Seminars

1 Day seminar on rugby analysis. We show you practical ways to compile stats and interpret it together with video footage, do technical and tactical evaluations, etc. We will also show you easy and cost-effective ways to set up your own analysis systems.